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McAllen EDC launches a new logo to accompany our new vision for the next 25 years.

McAllen EDC Logo

The next 25 years

Brief details were given at the 26th Annual McAllen Economic Development Corporation Christmas Party on Wednesday evening. At the event, McAllen EDC leaders unveiled their new logo and branding efforts, which they hope will propel them to further success in the next 25 years.

McAllen EDC's new logo comprises the letter "M" drawn in the shape of a flowing wave with the center of the word colored blue and the outer edges black. Underneath the logo is the statement: "Connecting Everything Made in McAllen."

In her interview with the Guardian, Trevino said the color blue signifies a river and the color black two nations. She said the river unites two nations. "We chose blue because it was calming and tranquil yet at the same time gave us energy with that kinetic feel with the wave, moving forward towards new things. A lot of people like red and orange but we ejected reds and oranges because of the negative comments in the media about border violence. With all that is in the media, the last thing we wanted to do is add more red, which means danger and urgency. We wanted to keep the cool, calming and trusting effect in line."