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Keith Patridge

President & CEO

With experience in business development, sales, operations and manufacturing management, Mr. Patridge provides a unique insight into the elements required to successfully start up and prosper with new operations in a border location.
On behalf of the McAllen Economic Development team, I would like to welcome you to the McAllen, Texas/Reynosa, Mexico international metro area. Representing the economic interests and job creation efforts of over 2.1 million residents on an international border can sometimes be challenging - but in all cases very rewarding.

The location advantages we offer are globally unique. What other location can offer your company the ability to take advantage of the best of two workforces, two legal systems, two sets of trade policies and agreements, two currencies, and the ability to manufacture products made in the United States or Mexico with one management team?

It is not just our location that makes us an attractive option for your next business expansion. When you look at the two most important factors impacting your business success: cost and availability of a skilled and trainable workforce, we really shine.

With a current manufacturing labor force of over 125,000 an average age of 27 years and an annual population growth rate of between 1.5% and 2.0%, labor availability will not be an issue.

As you look for skilled labor and skills training we continuously have over 70,000 students enrolled in University, Community College and Technical programs in the metro area.

Many are certified to meet National or International Academic, Trade and Industrial Training Standards.

As you look at operating costs, McAllen is consistently ranked as having one of the lowest costs-of-living in the United States, and in the August 2014 Boston Consulting Group Manufacturing Cost-Competitiveness Index, Mexico is estimated to be 4 percentage points less than China.

Add to the lower cost structure, the benefits of Mexico's trade agreements with 45 nations; an extremely strong work ethic and our international community can provide your company with an operational flexibility and opportunity for long-term success few other locations can offer.

If the McAllen /Reynosa International metro looks as good to you as it has for the hundreds of international companies that have relocated or expanded here, let us help you take a closer look.

The McAllen Economic Development Corporation has a highly-qualified staff ready to answer your questions. They will be happy to coordinate local meetings with other managers to learn firsthand the unique advantages of doing business on an international border.

We understand your need for candid, accurate information. If you are looking for options or strategic advantage contact us!

Keith Patridge

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