Strategic Location

Two Cities, One Community

Like the Thames in London, the Pearl in southern China or Rio de la Plata in Brazil, the river that runs through our city doesn't divide us - it unites us.

strategic location

The fertile Rio Grande Delta is the cradle of the unique binational civilization that has developed here in McAllen and Reynosa, and it remains the continued source of our economic mutual prosperity.

 Since the beginning, commerce and culture have flowed freely back and forth across our river banks; instead of diverting foreign capital and economic opportunity, the international boundary has only served to funnel it directly into our ports of entry, like water into a dam.

Our twin cities have co-evolved to form a singular identity, and we have adapted to capitalize on the strategic location we share - across from one another, and right in the heart of the North America economic corridor, with immediate access to the center of the continent via land, sea and air.

By transcending nationality, McAllen and Reynosa have transformed into a new type of world city - a hybrid metropolitan area that's not just a crossroads between the United States and Mexico...but a centralized gateway to the global economy of tomorrow.

The Third Coast

In the past, moving goods into the United States meant choosing between two options: the East Coast or the West Coast.

McAllen-Reynosa presents an alternative solution - a Third Coast, which cuts costs by eliminating the middleman.

third coast

Traditionally, imported products have always had to endure layovers, incurring more costs with each new transit. The requirement to ship complete orders to customers has forced companies to maintain multiple distribution centers in distant cities across the United States, where products must be moved to be staged for sale.

With McAllen-Reynosa, that is no longer the case.

Improved transcontinental highways south of the border have made importing goods via the Mexican ports on the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico the most viable option for global companies.

Items imported from Asia, South America and Europe bound for the U.S. now have access to an entirely new coastal distribution hub. Whether arriving as parts to be further assembled or as complete products ready for sale, McAllen-Reynosa provides a one-stop option for quick and direct shipment to stores in the American heartland, as well as consumers directly via internet sales.

What does that mean for your company? A reduction in cost of up to 25% when compared with traditional routes, and an average reduction of three days in transit.

The emerging global economy depends on faster, cheaper and more efficient routes of trade and distribution, and McAllen-Reynosa is at the forefront of this exciting new frontier.

Trade Agreements
Trading Up

Extending your enterprise into McAllen-Reynosa means much more than low operating costs - it's a doorway to doing business far beyond the border.


Mexico currently holds free trade agreements with 45 countries spanning the entire globe - a potential market of more than 1 billion consumers and 60% of the world's GDP.

That means you can enjoy Mexico's favorable access to dozens of economies around the world, which entails cheaper import/export costs when sourcing materials and parts for your own product lines, as well as avoiding potential duties and trade restrictions. For further details on how these free trade agreements might benefit your company, contact us here.

Trade Agreements - from ProMéxico, a division of the Mexican government promoting trade and investment can be found here.

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