Why McAllen-Reynosa?

Companies in the global marketplace have a world's worth of locations to choose from - so why choose us?

The McAllen metropolitan statistical area (or MSA) is the fifth largest in Texas, and McAllen, which was founded in 1911, is the largest city in Hidalgo County. Pictured on the right is Hidalgo County with a star on the City of McAllen. On the Reynosa TM mapleft is the Municipality of Reynosa, with a star on the City of Reynosa. Reynosa, located right across the border is on the other side of the Rio hidalgo mfeGrande River and has a population of over one million. These neighboring cities continue to grow both in population and economically. There are numerous reasons why companies choose the McAllen-Reynosa MSA, here are just a few:  

  • The roads of the future are all pointing toward McAllen-Reynosa 
  • No region in the United States is as close to Mexico and Latin America
  • With an average of 28 and annual birthrate of _, we have and will continue to have the labor force to meet the rising demands of business and trade. 
  • Physically, socially and culturally, the cities on both sides of the Rio Grande together form one of the largest, most continuous binational metropolis in the hemisphere - and our respective governments are working together to plan for the future, laying the groundwork that is transforming this area into the crossroads of the most central, most productive corridor of international trade in the world.
  • McAllen-Reynosa has the best of both worlds: two growing, educated labor forces; two tax systems; two legal systems; two trade policies; two currencies; two governments; and two vibrant growing markets.
What We Have To Offer:
Live Here, Work There

In McAllen-Reynosa, you get access to all the benefits of running your industry outside of the United States without having to give up your life and your homestead on American soil. The commute back and forth between Reynosa and Mexico is a fraction of what most professionals living within major American cities must face. And the Border Flex Advantage offers you the flexibility to choose between two taxing systems. In McAllen-Reynosa area, we have more 2,000 managers, engineers, and other support staff that live in the U.S. and travel to Mexico for work everyday.

Location, Location, Location

Our position along the Texas-Mexico border in the center of the continent gives us a direct line into the North American economy and its transportation arteries. With access to the Pacific and Atlantic oceans via Mexican ports, our location makes us the prime spot to do business not just with Mexico, but with the entire world.


Depending on the individual operation's cost model, labor intensive processes can take place in Reynosa to minimize costs in labor, while basing their distribution hubs or capital-intensive operations in McAllen.


The weakening of the peso and a strengthening of the Chinese RMB have made Mexico an increasingly attractive alternative to Asia for low-cost-manufacturing. Companies must consider cost reductions in order to remain competitive.

Low-cost Labor

Companies can utilize wage structures in McAllen and Reynosa to make their operation cost-competitive. The median age in McAllen and Reynosa is about 27, meaning the population is young and ready to work. Our cities work with our local colleges and universities to provide specialized training to foster growing cross-border commercial and industrial operations.


The strategic location of McAllen-Reynosa along the Third Coast allows companies here to utilize the Mexican Ports of Manzanillo, Lazaro Cardenas and Altamira to save time and money. Shipments arriving at these ports are moved by truck or rail to a new dry port in Reynosa or distribution warehouses within the McAllen MSA. From here, containers and products are shipped throughout North America. This route can save the company 20-25 percent in transportation costs and an average of three days of shipping time.

Free Market Values

Texas is a "right to work" state that protects employees from mandatory union membership. McAllen is very attractive due to low taxes, low cost of living, labor market, airports, and infrastructure. We have a competitive consumer marketplace for electrical power to bring down prices.

Low Taxes

Texas has no state income tax. Franchise taxes only which is required by the government to allow companies to do business within the state


McAllen is green! Thanks to a mild, warm climate, companies can save money on energy costs — often resulting in thousands of dollars of savings. Depending on the operation and product, companies can reduce costs by eliminating air-conditioning and heat.