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Strategic Location

McAllen is located on the border between the United States and Reynosa, Mexico creating a binational International metro. McAllen's central location in the Rio Grande Valley has allowed it to become an economic powerhouse.

Third Coast

In the past, moving goods into the United States meant choosing between two options: the East Coast or the West Coast.McAllen-Reynosa presents an alternative solution - a Third Coast, which cuts costs by eliminating the middleman. Traditionally, imported products have always had to endure layovers, incurring more costs with each new transit. The requirement to ship complete orders to customers has forced companies to maintain multiple distribution centers in distant cities across the United States, where products must be moved and staged for sale. 

With McAllen-Reynosa, that is no longer the case. Improved transcontinental highways south of the border have made importing goods via the Mexican ports on the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico the most viable option for global companies. Items imported from Asia, South America and Europe bound for the U.S. now have access to an entirely new coastal distribution hub. Whether arriving as parts to be further assembled or as complete products ready for sale, McAllen-Reynosa provides a one-stop option for quick and direct shipment to stores in the American heartland, as well as consumers directly via internet sales. What does that mean for your company? A reduction in cost of up to 25% when compared with traditional routes, and an average reduction of three days in transit. The emerging global economy depends on faster, cheaper and more efficient routes of trade and distribution, and McAllen-Reynosa is at the forefront of this exciting new frontier.

Trade Agreements

Mexico currently holds free trade agreements with 45 countries spanning the entire globe - a potential market of more than 1 billion consumers and 60% of the world's GDP.

That means you can enjoy Mexico's favorable access to dozens of economies around the world, which entails cheaper import/export costs when sourcing materials and parts for your own product lines, as well as avoiding potential duties and trade restrictions. For further details on how these free trade agreements might benefit your company, please contact us.


Created over thirty(30) years ago, NAFTA opened up trade with Mexcio and Canada. A new trade agreement was announced recently- USMCA, which is pending approval by legislators.


The McAllen/Reynosa International Metro and the surrounding areas have an abundance of transportation routes via land, air, and sea to move your goods all across the world. The region is home to 3 major interstates/highways, 7 airports, 11 International Bridges, 4 rail roads, and 1 sea port.

GIS Mapping


  • Interstate 2 / U.S. Highway 83
    • Runs parallel to the Rio Grande River southeasterly from Laredo, entering the Valley at Rio Grande City.
  • Interstate 69C / U.S. 281
    • U.S. 281 enters the Rio Grande Valley from the north, connecting San Manuel-Linn with Edinburg, McAllen and Pharr. This interstate stretches all the way to Canada
  • Interstate 69E / U.S. 77
    • IH-69E, designated by 2012 legislation, overlays U.S. 77 its entire length through the Rio Grande Valley region.


International Bridges

  • McAllen-Hidalgo International Bridge
  • Anzalduas International Bridge
  • Veterans International Bridge
  • Gateway International Bridge
  • Brownsville & Matamoros Express International Bridge
  • Progreso International Bridge
  • Donna International Bridge
  • Starr Camargo International Bridge
  • Pharr International Bridge
  • Roma-San Pedro International Bridge
  • Puente Internacional Libre Comercio Lucio Blanco-Los Indios

Rail Roads

Sea Ports


Source(US Workforce):Texas Workforce Commission, Texas Labor Market Review, October 2020
Source(Mexico Workforce):Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Geografia (INEGI), Conteo de Poblacion y Vivienda, 2015

The McAllen region features a large, young and continually growing labor pool. You will have no problems finding the talent needed for your operations.

Workforce Skills


The McAllen MSA has fifteen (15) different school districts and charter schools with over 200,000 K-12 students.

McAllen ISD

McAllen Independent School District focuses on creating a learning environment that fosters creativity, ingenuity, and resourcefulness by placing into students’ hands cutting-edge technology, coupled with genuinely student-centered, inquiry-based learning, and a team of professional educators to skillfully facilitate their intellectual growth.

Most importantly, students can choose from a wide range of educational programs that offer high academic rigor and the rich, full-rounded experiences and 21st Century skills sets that universities and employers seek.

It is a culture of progressive thinking, balanced by sage classroom experience. Students can graduate with college credit hours, Professional Licenses/Certifications, and Associate’s Degrees.

McAllen Independent School District has the Number 1 International Baccalaureate (IB) program in the world. The McAllen ISD received an A+ rating in the new Accountability Rating system in 2018.


The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is one university spanning four counties and multiple locations. Our purpose is to be a university for the entire Rio Grande Valley and beyond. UTRGV's core priorities are: Student Success; Educational Opportunities; Health and Medical Education; Research Impacting the Rio Grande Valley and Beyond; and Community Engagement.

Source: UTRGV


Source: STC

South Texas College was founded in 1993, is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and offers more than 120 degree & certificate options, including associate degrees in a variety of liberal art, social science, business, math, science, technology, advanced manufacturing and allied health fields of study. Additionally, South Texas College is the only community college in the State of Texas to offer four baccalaureate degrees. South Texas College has a faculty and staff of more than 2,700 to serve the college’s six campuses, two higher education centers, and one virtual campus.

Since 2000, the Dual Credit Programs has served over 100,000 high school students at 70 high school sites, saving families over 200 million dollars in tuition.

Source: STC

South Texas College NIMS program currently offers Credentials in Precision Manufacturting Technology, Fast Start Precision Manufacturing, and Mechatronics Technology Specialist.

Texas A&M

Texas A&M University opened the Higher Education Center at McAllen because the university is committed to supporting the educational needs of Texas with top-tier educational programs that will fulfill individual student career goals, enhance continued economic development of the region and help provide the necessary skilled workforce.

That’s why degree options at this campus are focused on the issues that matter most here. At this $40 million facility, you’ll learn how to make a difference in the region and beyond. Feed the masses, cure diseases, and build the communities of the future, all right here in the Rio Grande Valley.

Texas A&M is currently offering Bachelor's degrees in the following:

  • Interdisciplinary Engineering
  • Multidisciplinary Engineering
  • Food System Industry Management
  • Biomedical Sciences

Cost of Doing Business

Source: The Council for Community and Economic Research 2018

The McAllen / Reynosa International Metro is consistently ranked number 1 or number 2 for having the lowest Cost of Living Index in the country by the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness. This means that the overall cost of doing business in the McAllen / Reynosa International Metro is much lower than the National Average.

Labor Cost

Source: U.S. Department of Bureau of Labor Statistics

The average wage in McAllen is 29 % below the National Average ($17.65 McAllen MSA vs. $24.98 U.S.). Because McAllen has the lowest cost of living in the country, businesses are able to keep their cost of labor down. Proportionately, this gives the workforce in McAllen a higher disposable income.

Utility Cost

Texas Gas Service Company
Average Industrial $66.86+$0.035258 per CCF
Additional Surcharge $0.0023 per CCR
Source: Texas Gas Service
McAllen Public Utility
Water Base Fee $8.45
$1.35 per 1000 gal (<8,000 gal)
$1.65 per 1000 gal (8,000-12,999 gal)
$1.85 per 1000 gal (13,000 - 17,999 gal)
$1.95 per 1000 gal (>17,999 gal)
Source:McAllen Public Utility
Sewer Base Fee $10.50
$1.60 per 1000 gal (>19,999 gal)
$2.10 per 1000 gal (>20,000 gal)
Electrical (50+ Providers)
$01.26- avg rate per KY/H for transmission
$3.48 - $5.94 MM BTU Transmission Usage
$.046 - $0.052 avg rate per KW/H for usage
$15.01-$17.91 MM BTU Power Usage
Occupancy and Construction Cost
$0.40-$0.42 per square foot plus triple net $0.13-$0.18 Avg. Lease Rates
$42-$60 per square foot Avg Construction Rates
Corporate Income Tax0%
Personal Income Tax0%
City Sales Tax2%
County Sales Tax0%
State Sales Tax6.25%
Property Tax2.53%

Quality of Life

Activities and Entertainment

There is always something to do in McAllen. Whether you want to relax and browse through an art gallery, maybe sit down to a romantic dinner, or for the more energetic, you can catch a hockey game and hit the pubs and clubs. McAllen has it all.

There are also plenty of things for the family to enjoy, and for those who want to “shop ’till you drop”, there is no shortage of places to find great bargains and one of a kind items.

McAllen has plenty of festivals and other events going on in town and the surrounding area.

Click here for a list of events in McAllen!


McAllen/Reynosa is home to the some of Texas’ most well-respected hospitals and healthcare facilities. From oncology to cardiovascular surgeons, to pediatrics and everything in between, the people of McAllen have a number of choices when it comes to healthcare.

By the Numbers
Number of Doctors in McAllen678 doctors
Acute Care Hospitals within 60 miles of McAllen11

Some of the area's major hospitals include:

Rio Grande Regional Hospital


Rio Grande Regional Hospital in McAllen Texas has been serving the Rio Grande Valley for more than 30 years. Since opening in 1982, we have been committed to providing high-quality compassionae healthcare you can trust. As an HCA hospital, Rio Grande Regional has the support of the nation's leading provider of healthcare services.

Rio Grande Regional Hospital has 320 beds and a team of more than 500 physicians representing over 35 specialties. Our proven track record of serving the medical needs of the Valley communities we serve has led to Rio Grande Regional Hospital being recognized for patient safety and clinical excellence time and time again.

McAllen Medical Center

McAllen_Medical_Hospital McAllen Medical Center's full service acute care facility opened in December 1985 after spending more than 50 years in downtown McAllen, Tx. as McAllen Municipal Hospital, McAllen General Hospital and McAllen Methodist Hospital. The hospital became a part of Universal Health Services, Inc. in 1985. Since 1919, when McAllen Municipal first opened its doors, the hospital has provided for the health care needs of McAllen and its neighboring cities, being the first to offer services such as open-heart surgery, one-day cardiac catheterization and magnetic resonance imaging.

  • Only Certified Primary Stroke Center in Hidalgo County
  • Accredited as Cycle III Chest Pain Center
  • The region’s designated Advanced Level III Trauma Center
  • Service area veterans 2011 Bill Aston Award winner
  • Rio Grande Valley Hispanic Chamber Hospital of the Year 2011

McAllen Heart Hospital


McAllen Heart Hospital has received full Cycle II Chest Pain Center Accreditation with PCI (Percutaneous Coronary Interventions) from the Society of Chest Pain Centers Accreditation Review Committee in March 2009. The national accreditation is awarded to hospitals for their speed and efficiency in treating chest pain and heart attack symptoms. McAllen Heart Hospital is one of only two hospitals in the Rio Grande Valley awarded with the esteemed designation.

McAllen Heart Hospital opened on January 15, 1996 as a specialty care facility dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. The 60-bed hospital provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient cardiac care, and a 24-hour Emergency Center. McAllen Heart Hospital was designed to provide an excellent and efficient setting for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Every physician and every staff member, as well as all the hospital's technological resources, are dedicated to delivering high-quality patient care.

McAllen Heart Hospital was the first freestanding cardiology and cardiovascular hospital built in the United States and is dedicated solely to heart-related medical needs for patients, including diagnosis and treatment, emergency heart care, heart catheterization, heart surgery and education.

Doctor's Hospital At Renaissance (DHR)


DHR Health is committed to creating a world-class health system to advance medicine and increase access to care by empowering caregivers to heal through compassion, knowledge, innovation, integrated care and excellence. Having revolutionized the health care landscape of the Rio Grande Valley, DHR intends to continue raising the standard of care for the benefit all RGV residents.


In 2019, McAllen was rated as the 45th safest city in Texas (out of 7,639 cities). The city's violent crime rate has decreased significantly (41% in 2018)

For more information on City of McAllen's crime statistics, click on the link below for a full report.



Blessed with warm temperatures and sunny days throughout the year, the city of McAllen lies on the border between the semi-arid American Great Plains region and the tropical climate of Mexico.The area enjoys more than 200 days each year where temperatures exceed 86°F/30°C.

Each year, tens of thousands of retirees from the Mid-West and Canada (colloquially known as "Winter Texans") spend their winters here, taking advantage of our mild temperatures and dry weather to partake in outdoor activities such as birding and hiking that would be impossible back home.

Geographic Data
Annual Precipitation:22.24"
Average Elevation:122 Ft
Average Temperature:75.6 ° F
Average Low Temperature:65.3 ° F
Average High Temperature:85.9 ° F
Source: World Climate


The McAllen EDC is actively recruiting industries in McAllen. The following incentives are available to qualifying organizations. Please contact us for specifics.


McAllen has a number of incentive programs designed to make resources available for businesses like yours looking to create new jobs and capital investment in our area. Our policy has been to design a customized plan that meets the unique requirements of each company interested in the McAllen area.

Our incentives may include but are not limited to the following:

  • City Economic Development Grant (Job Creation)
  • City Property Tax Reimbursement
  • Texas Enterprise Zone Nomination
  • Freeport Exemption- Texas Property Tax Code 11.251
  • Goods-in-Transit Incentive
  • County Property Tax Abatement
  • Opportunity Zone


State Government Incentives


Federal Government Incentives

Contact us for more information.


Total Population
United States Population (Rio Grande Valley)1,348,840
Mexico Population (Reynosa to Matamoros)1,221,892
Distance from McAllen
San Antonio238 Miles2.5 Million
Houston348 Miles2.3 Million

Business Friendly

Both the State of Texas and the city of McAllen boast a very favorable business environment. Texas was ranked #1 by CNBC for 2018's Top States for Business and #3 by Forbes for one of the Best States for Business

  • Texas is a right to work state
  • Minimal Union Presence
  • Expedited Building Permits

About us

Founded in 1988 the McAllen Economic Development Corporation ( or MEDC) is a non profit corporation funded by the City of McAllen to generate job growth by attracting new industry and helping existing companies to expand. Part of McAllen’s success has been the explosive growth of Reynosa, Mexico. Just across the United States – Mexico border, both communities have collaborated to create one of the most recognized industrial sectors home to several fortune 500 companies. The MEDC is committed to being a single point of contact to industrial businesses; whether your manufacturing needs are in McAllen or Reynosa, we provide services at no cost to the companies seeking cost effective manufacturing strategies to maintain a competitive edge in today’s global economy.

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