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Tres Lagos, McAllen, Texas

Zoho Opens New Office in McAllen, Bringing Tech-Focused Career Opportunities and Business Growth to South Texas

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Zoho Corporation, a leading global technology company, today announced the opening of a new office in the city of McAllen, Texas. Currently home to 25 employees—with plans to double headcount by next year— the McAllen office will continue to support the local community and economy by providing new employment paths and business opportunities in the tech sector. Current McAllen-based employees were hired recently. This is Zoho's third office in Texas and the first that is located in the Rio Grande Valley. Establishing an office in McAllen demonstrates the company's ongoing commitment to bringing value and service to markets and residents located outside of congested and expensive metropolitan cities around the world. "We see people move from smaller cities and towns for opportunities, which often forces them to leave their hometowns, their families and community, and where they put down roots, because the 'best' jobs are typically located in large, expensive cities. It's an incredibly difficult decision to make for most people," said Raju Vegesna, Chief Evangelist at Zoho. "That's why at Zoho, opening offices like in McAllen is important to us. It brings opportunity to people, not the other way around. This gives individuals the power to maintain, support and giveback to the community and lifestyle they most cherish, all the while having access to a great job that can support both."

Zoho analyzes several factors before opening any new office, including quality of life for employees, safety, healthcare, cost of living, strength of the local education system, and most importantly, culture. These were primary drivers behind the company's decision to move its US headquarters to Del Valle, Texas, and open the New Braunfels office. McAllen easily checks all these boxes as well, with its high availability of talent, multiple colleges, growth potential, and distinct cultural identity that resonates with the Zoho culture..

The city of McAllen and Zoho have worked closely beginning in 2021. Since then, the company has partnered with city leaders to grow its presence and impact on the surrounding community, ultimately demonstrating a strong use case for Zoho's Transnational Localism effort.

“For the City of McAllen, working with Zoho to provide excellent job opportunities for our local residents will not only boost the quality of life for them, but also our entire community. This is a win-win for us all,” said McAllen Mayor Javier Villalobos. “As McAllen continues to work with our institutions of higher learning to educate our workforce and diversify the types of jobs available in our city, companies will continue to see the value of opening offices right here in McAllen.”

"It is rare to see city officials and local economic development teams strive to improve the local community by bringing jobs," Vegesna continues. "Working with the city of McAllen has been a breath of fresh air and it is their passion towards improving the community and bringing jobs to the valley that drove us in this direction. We hope to see this collaboration continue and we hope to be an asset to this amazing community."

Zoho is actively hiring in two of their Texas offices in McAllen and New Braunfels. Those interested in applying can find open positions here.

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Zoho McAllen Employee Quotes

  • McAllen is the 'mecca' city of the Rio Grande Valley, so it only seems to fit that it's the home of our office. The fact that with Zoho I am able to work in my own community means I am able to stay near my family, invest back in my community, enjoy lower costs of living and much more. I'm looking forward to building lasting relationships with my fellow Zoho workers at the McAllen office. It's truly refreshing to know that Zoho believes in our community, so much so that they're willing to to invest in it long term. The talent is here, and Zoho is willing and able to cultivate it! Working with a great technology company like Zoho brings me a great sense of pride. When you compound that with the fact that I'm able to work right here in my community, well, that's just the icing on the cake!"

    Mike Sauceda,
    Software Solutions Consultant at Zoho's McAllen office.

  • "It feels great to be a part of what Zoho is bringing to the community. I'm looking forward to getting to work in the McAllen office because I have worked remotely since 2019 so it's going to be nice to see people face-to-face again, socialize with my peers and create a sense of togetherness. Although there is much to gain when working remotely because it teaches us to work independently, manage our time wisely and to be productive all at the same time, I also feel like interpersonal skills are also important and we improve them by using them. Working in an office again will give us the opportunity to work on those soft skills. To be honest, given my extensive background in both sales and information technology, I had a hard time looking for a professional position in my area that would both compensate me enough to provide for my household but would also compensate me in ways that are not linked to monetary gains. I even considered moving to a bigger city like Austin or Dallas because I felt like there weren't enough opportunities in this area. I'm grateful that I am able to use my education, experiences and passions within my community. The culture, the camaraderie, the work-family balance is unreal and as a parent it is honestly a blessing to have such privileges."

    Judy Ortega,
    Account Executive at Zoho's McAllen office.

  • "While I'm not a local in the Valley quite yet, I really enjoy being a part of the growing Zoho community! I'm looking forward to the interactions and flexibility while working at the office. The ability to work with my peers and grow my relationships with them is going to be my favorite part. Since I just moved to the area from Arizona back in July, I think being able to meet more people and learn more about them along with learning about the Rio Grande Valley area will be a great learning opportunity for me!"

    Paige Thowson,
    Presales Engineer at Zoho's McAllen office.

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